FoxESS HV2600 battery

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Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 44.3 × 41 × 11.6 cm

Pojemność nominana

2,6 kWh

Degree of protection (IP)

Temperatura pracy

od -5 do 50°C

Czas użytkowania

>6000 cykli


FoxESS HV2600 battery

The FoxESS HV2600 battery is a high-performance and scalable energy storage module that provides maximum flexibility and a wide range of applications. The module enables serial installation, allowing the energy storage system to be expanded up to 20.8kWh capacity. Simple plug & play installation saves the installer’s time and the investor’s money.

FoxESS battery module model HV2600 – product features:

  • 2.6kWh capacity
  • Scalable up to 20.8 kWh
  • 98% charge/discharge efficiency
  • 90% depth of discharge
  • Wide temperature tolerance
  • Easy installation
  • CAN/RS485 communication – High voltage
  • Expandable to 90% DoD system
  • Wide temperature tolerance – Operating temperature from -5 to 50°C
  • LONG LIFETIME – More than 6000 cycles.


Manufacturer FoxESS

Stable, reliable and global brand

Fox is a global leader in solar inverters and energy storage solutions designed by experts in the field. Behind FoxESS is the vast experience and capital of Tsinghan Group. It is a global giant in the nickel and stainless steel market with a history built over 40 years. 70,000 employees, USD 38 billion turnover and 329th position on the list of 500 largest companies in the world.

Complete product range

FoxESS offers a complete product range from 0.7 to 25 kW grid inverters, hybrid inverters, charge controllers to complete home energy storage systems, AC chargers, lithium-ion batteries and S-BOX fire switches!

Technical and service support

FoxESS team of specialists has been gaining experience in the field of photovoltaics on the global market for 12 years. Technical support for FoxESS products is available nationwide, service of inverters is performed at our headquarters in Gliwice (Poland).

Components from best suppliers

Semiconductors and components selected by the company from Japan and Korea, world renowned quality centres, account for over 20% of the total cost of electrical components in FoxESS products! The company has developed effective procedures to verify and control the quality of components and reliability of their suppliers at every stage.



W naszej hurtowni fotowoltaiki Solmix posiadamy pełną gamę falowników FoxESS.
FoxESS Seria S – jednofazowe inwertery z 1 MPPT – mała i kompaktowa budowa. Falowniki FoxESS Seria F to jednofazowe falowniki z 2 MPPT o bezkonkurencyjnej mocy i wydajności. FoxESS Seria T - 3 generacja jest przeznaczona do trójfazowych instalacji domowych i małych instalacji komercyjnych. Wysoka wydajność i 12 letni okres gwarancji producenta. Moce falowników serii T mają zakres od 3 kW do 25 kW. Sprawdź również nasz Ranking inwerterów fotowoltaicznych 2023/2024.


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