FoxESS AC1-5.0-E battery charger

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Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 43 × 41 × 17.8 cm

Nominalna moc AC

4999 VA

Degree of protection (IP)

Temperatura pracy

od -20 do 60°C


Ethernet, čítač, WIFI/GPRS/LAN (volitelně), DRM, USB, CT


FoxESS AC1-5.0-E battery charger – 4999VA

The AC charger allows maximum flexibility and efficiency to improve the operation of your photovoltaic system at home or office. The unit offers the possibility to upgrade with battery storage systems, which increases its lifetime. It can be used as an integral part of a new system. The charger is connected to the AC grid shared with the inverter, after communicating with the measuring devices, we are able to program the operation of the device. It is designed to work in several modes, including as a UPS (when the distribution network is completely cut off), to recharge the system when the power consumption exceeds the power generation capacity of the PV modules, or to absorb excess energy produced by the inverter to maintain the correct voltage conditions of the AC network.

AC1-5.0-E product features:

  • Best overall efficiency on the market, providing up to 97% discharge efficiency from AC to battery.
  • Compatible with the latest high-voltage lithium-ion batteries.
  • IP65 protection – durable housing so you can install the charger indoors or outdoors.
  • Remote system monitoring. FOX storage kits are available with an advanced and intuitive mobile app to remotely manage and monitor equipment performance.
  • Natural cooling, high temperature tolerance and no noisy internal fans are perks for safe and quiet operation.
  • Easy installation

FoxESS – state-of-the-art photovoltaic energy storage solutions

A stable, reliable and global brand

Fox is a global leader in solar inverters and energy storage solutions designed by experts in the field. Behind FoxESS is the vast experience and capital of Tsinghan Group. It is a global giant in the nickel and stainless steel market with a history built over 40 years. 70 000 employees, 38 billion USD turnover and 329th position on the list of the world’s 500 largest companies.

Complete product range

FoxESS offers a complete product range from 0.7 to 25 kW grid inverters, hybrid inverters, charge controllers to complete home energy storage systems, AC chargers, lithium-ion batteries and S-BOX fire switches!

Polish technical and service support

FoxESS team of specialists has been gaining experience in the field of photovoltaics on the global market for 12 years. Technical support for FoxESS products is available nationwide, service of inverters is performed at our headquarters in Gliwice.

Components from best suppliers

Semiconductors and components selected by the company from Japan and Korea, world renowned quality centres, account for over 20% of the total cost of electrical components in FoxESS products! The company has developed effective procedures to verify and control the quality of components and reliability of their suppliers at every stage.



W naszej hurtowni fotowoltaiki Solmix posiadamy pełną gamę falowników FoxESS.
FoxESS Seria S – jednofazowe inwertery z 1 MPPT – mała i kompaktowa budowa. Falowniki FoxESS Seria F to jednofazowe falowniki z 2 MPPT o bezkonkurencyjnej mocy i wydajności. FoxESS Seria T - 3 generacja jest przeznaczona do trójfazowych instalacji domowych i małych instalacji komercyjnych. Wysoka wydajność i 12 letni okres gwarancji producenta. Moce falowników serii T mają zakres od 3 kW do 25 kW. Sprawdź również nasz Ranking inwerterów fotowoltaicznych 2023/2024.

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