Photovoltaic Calculator

Match the panels to your roof and create your own photovoltaic system

The photovoltaic calculator is the perfect tool to easily and intuitively adjust the number of photovoltaic modules you need for your PV system project. In just a few steps, our tool will allow you to calculate the maximum possible power of your system and the optimal positioning of photovoltaic modules, horizontally or vertically, on the roof of your property. The photovoltaic calculator will take into account the technical parameters and exact dimensions of the photovoltaic modules that are included in the current offer of the photovoltaic wholesaler SOLMIX.

How does the photovoltaic calculator work?

To make the calculation, select a photovoltaic module model from the drop-down list. In the next step enter the dimensions of the roof, as indicated in the infographic. You will need to indicate the roof pitch angle, the length of the base of the pitch and the length of the roof on which the photovoltaic system is to be placed. With this data, the calculator will calculate the length of the roof edge and the number of panel rows in two arrangements: horizontal and vertical. Once you have calculated the power of your photovoltaic system, go to our shop to order your selected photovoltaic modules and other PV kit components.

Roof dimensions calculator

* The calculator does not take into account obstacles on the roof (e.g. bay windows, antennas, chimneys). The area of the obstacles is to be subtracted.

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