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Huawei LUNA2000 Battery 5kWh

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Weight63.8 kg
Dimensions67 × 15 × 60 cm
Degree of protection (IP)


Pojemność nominana

5 kWh

Maximum output power

Moduł magazynu energii



Wskaźnik statusu SOC, wskaźnik LED


RS485 / CAN (tylko do pracy równoległej)

Technologia ogniw


Product warranty


Maksymalnie 2 systemy pracujące równolegle

Kompatybilne falowniki



Huawei LUNA2000 Battery 5kWh

The Huawei LUNA2000 5kWh battery is designed for home use. Creates an intelligent energy storage system. The LUNA2000 battery uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells for added safety. It is characterized by a unique appearance, has a modular structure and allows flexible extension of power from 5 kWh to 30 kWh. Each power bank module has a built-in optimizer and manages charging and discharging independently. Old and new power bank modules can be used together, making full use of the potential of each.

To complete the energy storage, you need to buy:

  • Huawei LUNA2000 control module
  • DTSU 666-H smart power meter

HUAWEI LUNA2000 5kWh battery – benefits:

  • LiFePO4 technology – increased fire safety and reliability,
  • simple installation of the Huawei Luna2000 energy storage and quick commissioning
  • 10 years warranty,
  • enables full (100%) discharge,
  • modular design, system capacity from 5 to 15kWh,
  • the ability to connect two systems in parallel up to 30 kWh,
  • automatic mapping via app.


Bateria Huawei LUNA2000
The Huawei LUNA2000 5kWh battery

Technical Specifications:

  • power module – LUNA2000-5kW
  • energy storage module – LUNA2000-5-E0
  • usable capacity of the battery module – 5 kWh
  • maximum output power – 2.5kW
  • peak output power – 3.5kW, 10 sec
  • nominal voltage – 360V
  • operating voltage range (1 phase) – 350-560V
  • nominal voltage – 600V
  • operating voltage range (3 phases) – 600-980V
  • communication – RS485/CAN
  • display – SOC status indicator, LED indicator

General Specification:

  • dimensions of the power module – 670 x 150 x 240 mm
  • power module weight – 12.00 kg
  • module and stand dimensions – 670 x 150 x 600 mm
  • weight (floor stand included) – 63.80 kg
  • operating temperature -10 C to +55 C
  • cooling – natural convection
  • relative humidity 5-95%
  • degree of protection – IP65
  • noise emission <29dB
  • cell technology – LiFePO4
  • warranty -10 years

Compatible Inverters/Inverters:


Certifications – CE, RCM, CEC, VDE2510-50, IEC62619, IEC 60730, UN38.3


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