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TALESUN 290 SC Poly Half-Cut silver frame

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moduł polikrystalicznymoduł fotowoltaiczny half-cellTier 1 - Bloomberg

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Weight 20.7 kg
Dimensions 168.4 × 100.2 × 3.5 cm
Type of cells

Technologies used



Frame color

Open voltage circuit (Uoc)

Closed circuit current (Isc)

Current at maximum power point (Impp)

Temperature Coefficient (Uoc)

Number of pieces on a pallet

Product warranty

Performance guarantee



Talesun Solar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers that develops, manufactures and supplies high quality photovoltaic modules. Talesun photovoltaic panels model TP6H60P 120HC are designed for all applications: for homes, businesses and farm photovoltaic installations. In 2018, photovoltaic panel manufacturer Talesun 290W was listed among the top 10 suppliers of PV modules. Talesun was also listed in the BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) report as a global TIER1 module supplier since 2015.

Talesun 290W photovoltaic panels feature high efficiency and resistance to induced voltage degradation (Anti-PID Technology).

Key features of Talesun 290W:

  • 25 year power output warranty
  • 12-year quality warranty
  • 9BB – 9 Buss Bars – half module technology




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