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LONGi 370 Bifacial Mono Half-Cut silver frame

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Weight23.3 kg
Dimensions175.5 × 103.8 × 3 cm
Type of cells


Technologies used

, , ,


Frame color

Open voltage circuit (Uoc)

Closed circuit current (Isc)

Current at maximum power point (Impp)

Temperature Coefficient (Uoc)

Number of pieces on a pallet

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LONGi Solar is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency photovoltaic modules. The manufacturer has focused on monocrystalline technology for over 18 years, which has made it the largest supplier of monocrystalline silicon cells. Solmix is the official distributor of LONGi 370 Bifacial photovoltaic panels in Poland.

LONGi 370 Bifacial Mono Half-Cut silver frame photovoltaic panels:

  • high efficiency – 20,3 %
  • mono technology
  • increased energy yield with low irradiance
  • complete product and production process certification


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