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Photovoltaic array 9,55 kW for pitched roof – shingle

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9,55 kWp

Moduły fotowoltaiczne:

Jinko 455 W srebrna rama


FoxESS T10 trójfazowy

Konstrukcja montażowa:

Dach skośny gont bitumiczny

Instrukcja montażu:


Zabezpieczenia AC

W zestawie

Zabezpieczenia DC

W zestawie



Photovoltaic array 10 kW for pitched roof – shingle

The photovoltaic array comprises:

Photovoltaic modules:Jinko 455 Mono Half-Cut silver frame – 21 pieces
Inverter:FoxESS T10
Construction:Mounting structure for a sloping roof (bituminous shingle) with assembly instructions.
AC protections:Protection for 3-phase installations, 2 MPPT
Plast. installation housing, surface mounted, IP65, 1 row, 12 modules
Overvoltage limiter AC 4P type 2 NOARK
Residual current circuit breaker 4P 40A 100mA NOARK
DC protections – 2 stringi:Plast. installation housing, surface mounted, IP65, 1 row, 8 modules
2 x DC 3P type 2 1000V NOARK surge arrester

Why choose a 10 kW DIY photovoltaic array?

JinkoSolar is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world according to the current Bloomberg Tier 1 ranking, offering some of the most innovative solutions including Jinko 455 W monocrystalline photovoltaic panels.

Jinko 455 Mono Half-Cut silver frame:

  • ONLY 1.9m high!
  • Cell type: P-type monocrystalline cells
  • Number of cells: 120(2×60)
  • Front glass: 3.2mm, anti-reflective coating, high transmission rate, low iron content, tempered glass
  • Resistant to severe weather conditions
  • Frame: Anodised aluminium alloy
  • Junction box: Protection class IP68
  • Output cables: TUV1×4.0mm2  (+):400mm,(-):200mm output cables

FoxESS T10 inverter – Greater efficiency and reliability

FoxESS is a world leader in inverters and energy storage solutions, T series inverters are proven devices with high efficiency and a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects and faults. They are designed for three-phase domestic and small business installations. They are distinguished by their unrivalled efficiency and versatility, making it possible to extend energy generation windows.

Quality and precision

FoxESS three-phase inverters are designed with components from leading global manufacturers, which significantly improves their service life. The inverters are distinguished by their maximum efficiency and length of operation, which is hundreds of watt hours ahead of the competition.

The innovation of the inverters is primarily based on their robust design. Thanks to the pioneering design of the inverter, which translates into a larger surface area for heat dissipation, we obtain an increase in heat transfer capability by up to 30% compared to leading products of other brands. The precision of the inverters is confirmed by the use of top quality electrolytic capacitors of the Japanese brand NIPPON-CHEMI-CON. Thanks to the use of a larger number of capacitors, FoxESS products have extended inverter lifetime.

Remote monitoring of energy production from the sun

With the built-in Wi-Fi module, you can continuously monitor the performance of your photovoltaic system in real time via a smartphone app or online platform.

FoxESS inverters – benefits:

  • High efficiency – Do the impossible with maximum efficiency of up to 98.6%.
  • Low starting voltage – Low starting voltage for a wide range of generations.
  • IP65 protection – Durable IP65 enclosure for maximum flexibility and designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Expandable – Compact design for upgradeability with Fox storage systems.
  • Remote monitoring – Be in control and keep your finger on the pulse with remote monitoring via website or mobile app.
  • Safety and security – Even better hardware and software protection with enhanced safety features.

FOX ESS inverters, Certifications: AS4777.2-2015 / VDE-AR-N 4105 /VDE0126-1-1 /G98 / G99 / EN50549-1/ CEI 0-21 / IEC62116 /IEC61727 /IEC61683


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